Thursday, March 19, 2009

Golden Throat

Bell Peppa came to town and by town I mean Korea Town.

Not surprisingly the singing was amazing and 4 hours felt like 5 minutes. And in 5 minutes you can be 5 times as in2 these gals:

This song was brought to you by John Freida, maker of Frizz Ease.

Sometimes captions really are unnecessary.

Look out NYC, I hear Bell Peppa is BACK tomorrow for One Night Only.

2009 Started With A Ball

Well folks, it's been awhile. Let's catch up on the important events of 2009.

Obama got inaugurated but more importantly Yo Mama had a ball. Attendees came from far and wide. Some from so far they had to take a break from their travels at The Plantation. With Tara being the gold standard and thus a 10, I would give this plantation a 4 1/2.

The ball was fancy and came equipped with a beautiful photo backdrop. Since you've already seen the "real" shot on the 2002 Class Blog here's an outtake.

Not unlike the inauguration itself, the ball had world class performances.

Mr. Sabow was not able to attend but he would've liked the littlest guest, Baby Adam.

I was also crowned Miss America but in lieu of a crown got this snazzy ribbon.