Saturday, November 29, 2008

celeb sighting

as some of you may know, my friend and i were in las vegas for a conference last weekend.

below is footage (barely comprehensible) of me freakin' out at a night club because we saw a CELEB who was oh so nostalgic...


i. could. not. remember. who. it. was.

until now!

i am 97% sure we saw hangin' with mr. cooper. he had a 5'oclock shadow and he was about 15 years older... but, i am quite sure it was him.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Movin' on Up

Who knew George Jefferson foresaw the results of this election so many years ago? Here he is looking pretty presidential and clearly knowing it was just a matter of time before an African American man would fulfill his wigged prophecy. I think the only reason he didn't make it himself is because Louise just couldn't get on board. You don't see Michelle wagging her finger at Barack like this.

God Bless America

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Sunday, November 2, 2008


i know there's an election going on but it's also important to take note that punky brewster just renewed her vows.

Friday, October 17, 2008

is joe the plumber the guy with the 6-pack?

Friday, September 26, 2008

And then a hero comes along

So before I took my cousin Riley to Dartmouth he gave me a little lesson in Guitar Hero. I am basically a prodigy. I played so hard that about an hour in I had to take a break and ice my left wrist with some frozen organic blueberries my sister had purchased at Whole Foods. I realize that I am an a cappella performer first and foremost but if we do ever want to incorporate instruments that only play when hooked up to a video game system into one of our re-arrival tours, I am READY.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


so i'm sure y'all have heard about the airport blowout that went down not so long ago with our friend kanye.


are we going to allow this to happen?!

the answer is NO.

celebs must unite as one at a time like this. as fellow musical artists, we are all too familiar with the extreme invasion of privacy that goes on in the midst of photogs, paparazzi, or mere civilians. not matter what corner of the universe we frequent, the madness is inescapable. my heart goes out to kanye. i can totally feel his pain and sense of violation.

we must speak out about this majorly huge issue. the time is now.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

eight is enough

dear new arrivals,
i have a request. i would like to add the "eight is enough" to our tv theme song repertoire. as the both the unofficial and perhaps with this post official presidential candidate of the new arrivals, it's the least we can do for barrack obama.

thank you for being a friend

i just wanted to thank all of the people pictured here for helping this new arrival celebrate her birthday at ivo & lulu's. as you can see from the foto, we all looked amazing. show me that smile!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

over-sexed, self-involved, man-crazy... southern belle

BLANCHE DEVEREAUX is coming to a local book festival in winston-salem!


People always ask me if I'm like Blanche. And I say, 'Well, Blanche was an oversexed, self-involved, man-crazy, vain Southern Belle from Atlanta -- and I'm not from Atlanta!’” -- Rue McClanahan

amen, sista.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Small World. Make it work...

Just wanted to make sure we were all aware that Louise J is basically on Project Runway. I mean there is a contestant from Yakima. And to top it all off his name is Blayne. As in, the town which gave us Corky, Libby Mae, Ron and Sheila and Dr. Pearl. Yes I know it's spelled differently but still...everybody dance!

You made me leap without taking a look

Greetings from Tahoe!

Here I am jumping into Fallen Leaf Lake. I know it is hard to identify which gloriously tanned body is mine but do your best.

Ok if you couldn't figure it out here I am with my cousin Kelsey. Her mother is Puerto Rican if you're wondering how on earth someone in my family managed to snag such lovely skin...

For anyone wondering, we did hike more than 1.0 miles. We hiked 7. This was taken at the tail end of an incredible trail that winds along the lake. And you'll be glad to know we followed the rules by not taking any dogs, bikes or lighting any fires.

I leave you with a shot of Little Coogs or as she's known in Tahoe "Dixie Chick".

Back in NYC on September 1st.

Monday, August 25, 2008

thank you for coming

i'm baaaack! i missed you all dearly but loved reading the blog while i was gone. pictures from nz and australia to come, but for now here's a few shots from our rooftop bbq a few weeks ago. coogs, i hope you are wearing the sweatshirt daily!
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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Recognized in public... Again.

The fame is just getting too much. After moving out West (to a previously undisclosed location) to escape the heat of the paparazzi, media and general crush of attention it's back on. Out with the Marcuses last night at a bar, and a lame bar at that, the waiter comes up and asks Adam and I, "Do we have some new arrivals here?"

I shit you not. Let me repeat, "Do we have some new arrivals here?"

I'll let you imagine the rest of the tale.

Monday, August 18, 2008

seattle, WA with lee + wendy!

so much better than dunkin' donuts...

thank you for being a friend, lee. you looked amazing.

Friday, August 15, 2008

hello from australia!

hello my dear new arrivals. i just wanted to say hi, through my dreadful jetlag, and tell you all how much i miss you! we are having a fantastic time. yesterday we left NZ for Australia and I am so happy to be back. The weather is beautiful and the pumpkin soup is even more beautiful. Today we're headed to Fraser Island for a 3 day camping trip (gah!) but on the way, we plan to stop at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary to steal, I mean, feed, hug, and adore, some koalas. I hope you are all doing well!


Angela B

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

thank you for coming

so my good friend dave and i decided to enter a contest being held by good magazine. the challenge: shoot a two-minute video about your hometown. the truly challenging part was condensing the best of yakima into 2 whirlwind minutes but hopefully yakima's specialnes will come through. please leave comments and give us the rating you feel we deserve.
movin' on up,


Well I guess we can all be greatful that Brown doesn't offer athletic scholarships. If they did we'd seriously need to revoke the one given to the girl who made this headline possible (particularly in light of Estelle's passing):
"Golden girls no more Americans beaten by China"
Alicia Sacramone had some not so wee problemos last night on the beam and on the floor against China. If you threw a party and invited everyone you knew it would be kind of like the Olympics. And I can guarantee the biggest gift would not be from Alicia Sacramone.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olympic Fashion Update

A note to the female swimmers:

Do not leave your goggles on your forehead before you swim. It creates a shockingly scary and unattractive mark which can only be likened to Nicole Kidman's prothestic nose in The Hours.

Looks matter ladies. You've already got the 'roids workin' against you. At least keep the forehead clear...

olympic glory

from: coogs
to: sarahsouth
date: Mon, Aug 11, 2008 at 10:56 PM
subject: Swimmers

I am totally into Park Tae Hwan! He just did your heart pound / peace out sign receiving his silver medal for the 200 free.

atta boy, parky.


Check out the best website EVER:

It doesn't get 5 stars for design but it does boast an incredible selection of songs from our favorite musical genre. Start making your set lists for the Rearrival 2012.

And of course listen to your old favs...

Saturday, August 9, 2008

rock band

last night i participated in a series of rock band tournaments. i just happened to be a member of both winning teams.

i was amazing.

my metallica T-shirt... AMAZING.

scott on the drums, almost as amazing.

the other team, not so amazing.

It's your day, take your walk...

Apparently, we failed to acknowledge the birthday of one of our own, the Stupendous Miss Kate S. Kate is a woman of many talents, the current reigning MVP of 5th Year Reunion, a world renowned dancer, equestrian, fashionista and has also been featured in BAM for always having her Van Wickles Open. Happy Belated Birthday Kate! Thank you for being a friend.

Friday, August 8, 2008

It's not the perfume that you wear: a love letter to w and g

some roommates you find on craigslist. he/she is a cool person, likes to watch "curb your enthusiasm" and make fun of the park slope food co-op with you. some roommates are old and dear friends from college - you make mix cds for each other and continue to mock, cajole, and inspire each other even after they move very far away. i've been lucky to have amazing and cool roommates from college onward, and all of these folks have a very special place in my heart.

and this week, another two soldiers join the ranks of people who have seen me in pajamas, reading kitten blogs, drafting letters of complaint, crying, laughing, crying while laughing, etc. i am grateful for so many things about w and g - their ability to inspire me with their incredible tenacity, senses of humor, and zeal for life/academics/video games/reading/ice cream/rock band/biking/having adventures. and, let's face it, the three of us had some pretty amazing eye-ware.

but the biggest thing i am thankful for is that we often told each other how fond we are of each other. g may never read this because she doesn't internet too much and is on her way to england soon, and w is the toast of the blogging town these days with his own oeuvre. but they don't need to read this post to know that i adore them fully and will be with them every time they sidle up to a carton of Edy's "Slow-Churned" ice cream. In the words of the band the Cars, and made famous by the inimitable band Just the Tip in Rock Band , "I guess you're just what I needed."
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the present

after a week of packing, a day of loading (or, rather, watching as my movers loaded), a day of traveling, a day of waiting for my stuff, a day of unloading (or, rather, watching as my movers unloaded), and a day of cleaning (ahem, well, watching that too...) i have newly arrived. things are a little crazy here in box-land but if you are in the greater ny area tonight please come over for a bbq! you know my address, but call if you forgot it or need directions. 7:30pm. non-new york peeps, we will raise a turkey burger in your honor!!
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I'm as corny as Kansas in August...

Because it's easier than sending out a mass email please note that New Arrivals Fan, Kevin Smith, is engaged. His fiance's name is Karli. She is from Kansas. Hopefully, if/when there is an engagement party Ricky Shroeder will be in attendance and will not pour beer on anyone.

* Didn't have a picture of Kevin, Karli or Kansas so I decided to go with something generally blogppropriate.

Polo Dandy

As everyone knows I love nothing if I don't love Ralph Lauren. One of my first words was "Polio" which is what I called a "Polo" shirt. But while anyone can appreciate a well placed ascot, after watching The Today Show this morning, I can only share my concern that the Prince of American Fashion may have wandered a little south of "athletic" in his design for the opening ceremonies ensembles. I'm not sure this is necessarily the strongest front we can put forth tonight. Now if these were his designs for the opening ceremonies of croquet season in Bath I'd be all over them...that is if I could change the pants to a white pleated skirt and wear knee socks.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Guests for our next tour

Based on this video, I think Paris Hilton might be great to invite for a guest appearance on our next tour. She can act, sing, solve the energy crisis and she's hot. If she doesn't work out, there is always Bea Arthur.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Star Spangled

As we get ever closer to the return of Camelot I would like to remind all New Arrivals that the spirit of the greatest First Lady of our time is still alive and well in America.

Monday, August 4, 2008

You made me leap without taking a look

So you think I was anxious to get to the East Coast? Notice that I have positioned myself under the only tree with changing leaves in Northern CA AND decided it was a good move to have myself immortalized in our senior year book in a turtleneck and fair isle sweater? HOT.

And while we're talkin' high school

Parents always wonder how they miss the signs that their teen is starting to drink and use drugs. Notice the beer mug, the caffeinated beverage and the cry for help? It's a miracle we didn't have to send her to Promises to be roomies with Miss Lohan.

Here We Are, Face to Face...

...with what we can only hope Ms. Jefferson wore to her high school reunion.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

cruel and unusual punishment

how am i supposed to get any packing done when my favorite movie is on E! ?
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it's so hard for me to be apart from y'all, buried deep, deep in the south of our fine country. but may i please remind everyone of the following?

And when the veil of dreams has lifted,
And the fairy tales have all been told,
There's a kiss at the end of the rainbow;
More precious than a pot of gold.

as ever,

Saturday, August 2, 2008

like will smith in fresh prince

let's never forget our roots.

it's so good to see you again.

as you all should know, i am currently at the west valley high school class of 1998 10-year reunion. and according to everyone i've seen, i look amazing. and i do.

highlights have included:
*my mom leaving a razor and shaving cream in the bathroom as a not-so-subtle hint that i should shave
*a guy i've known since grade school telling me that he had recently googled me and saw that i was at unc chapel hill
*the mother of a grade school friend joining us at the bar and reminiscing about the crafts we made when we were in bluebirds together

photos to follow shortly.
thank you for coming.

the past

after a long summer of this:

<----- note internet on computer. bad me.

i'm so excited to say goodbye to the poor-man's burberry and hello to brooklyn!
am moving on monday/tuesday/wednesday. i can't wait to see everyone.
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Friday, August 1, 2008

Don't waste another minute on your cryin'

Because she's back!
Welcome home Christine.
As always, there's a kiss at the end of the rainbow.
We're so proud of you.

Travel down the road and back again...

Some people are born banner holders. Some people are not. I had to edit out one of the "nots".

Media Coverage

Coming to a mailbox near you.

Movin' on Up

A Fun Friday Game for New Arrivals Fans:
Name that Soloist!
Which pictured New Arrival sang "The Jeffersons" during our historic and triumphant 2002 Arch Sing?
Hint: s/he lives in New York City
* 5 extra points if you can spot the roady

Thursday, July 31, 2008

thank you for being a friend

this site is dedicated to estelle.