Tuesday, August 26, 2008

You made me leap without taking a look

Greetings from Tahoe!

Here I am jumping into Fallen Leaf Lake. I know it is hard to identify which gloriously tanned body is mine but do your best.

Ok if you couldn't figure it out here I am with my cousin Kelsey. Her mother is Puerto Rican if you're wondering how on earth someone in my family managed to snag such lovely skin...

For anyone wondering, we did hike more than 1.0 miles. We hiked 7. This was taken at the tail end of an incredible trail that winds along the lake. And you'll be glad to know we followed the rules by not taking any dogs, bikes or lighting any fires.

I leave you with a shot of Little Coogs or as she's known in Tahoe "Dixie Chick".

Back in NYC on September 1st.

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