Friday, August 8, 2008

It's not the perfume that you wear: a love letter to w and g

some roommates you find on craigslist. he/she is a cool person, likes to watch "curb your enthusiasm" and make fun of the park slope food co-op with you. some roommates are old and dear friends from college - you make mix cds for each other and continue to mock, cajole, and inspire each other even after they move very far away. i've been lucky to have amazing and cool roommates from college onward, and all of these folks have a very special place in my heart.

and this week, another two soldiers join the ranks of people who have seen me in pajamas, reading kitten blogs, drafting letters of complaint, crying, laughing, crying while laughing, etc. i am grateful for so many things about w and g - their ability to inspire me with their incredible tenacity, senses of humor, and zeal for life/academics/video games/reading/ice cream/rock band/biking/having adventures. and, let's face it, the three of us had some pretty amazing eye-ware.

but the biggest thing i am thankful for is that we often told each other how fond we are of each other. g may never read this because she doesn't internet too much and is on her way to england soon, and w is the toast of the blogging town these days with his own oeuvre. but they don't need to read this post to know that i adore them fully and will be with them every time they sidle up to a carton of Edy's "Slow-Churned" ice cream. In the words of the band the Cars, and made famous by the inimitable band Just the Tip in Rock Band , "I guess you're just what I needed."
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sarahsouth said...

in honor of you and your roommates, i am competing in a rock back battle tonight. don't worry, it will be blogged.

sarahsouth said...

rock BAND battle. i still haven't left work and my blood sugar is low.

Iroquois Pliskin said...

when K. Jackson called this morning to offer me a loan of his hummer, I thought of you, Angela Bauer. Since you've been gone we've been skipping through your room merrily, late at night. I think it is the only proper way to honor your spirit.

Anonymous said...

plus iroquois pliskin saved a pair of your undies so now he can still rifle through your closet when you're not at home

Anonymous said...

I'm honored be a member of this august group of former roommates. However, the Just the Tip break-up is particularly devastating though. Best of luck guys, and I look forward to the reunion tour.

George Owens