Friday, August 8, 2008

I'm as corny as Kansas in August...

Because it's easier than sending out a mass email please note that New Arrivals Fan, Kevin Smith, is engaged. His fiance's name is Karli. She is from Kansas. Hopefully, if/when there is an engagement party Ricky Shroeder will be in attendance and will not pour beer on anyone.

* Didn't have a picture of Kevin, Karli or Kansas so I decided to go with something generally blogppropriate.


xtine said...

wow! that's great for kevin.

also, i think this picture was taken right after a bird pooped on me. good luck indeed!

Coogs said...

I actually just found the photo of me trying to clean your bangs with my water bottle!

Actually it is only fitting that we remember that incident (and the fact that same bird pooped on my thigh before nailing you) today which is the luckiest day of the year 8/08/08. Granted it's the luckiest day in China and the bird poop luck is Italian but whatever. It's the Olympic Spirit...we're all in this together.