Friday, August 8, 2008

Polo Dandy

As everyone knows I love nothing if I don't love Ralph Lauren. One of my first words was "Polio" which is what I called a "Polo" shirt. But while anyone can appreciate a well placed ascot, after watching The Today Show this morning, I can only share my concern that the Prince of American Fashion may have wandered a little south of "athletic" in his design for the opening ceremonies ensembles. I'm not sure this is necessarily the strongest front we can put forth tonight. Now if these were his designs for the opening ceremonies of croquet season in Bath I'd be all over them...that is if I could change the pants to a white pleated skirt and wear knee socks.

1 comment:

sarahsouth said...

personally, i was very fond of the hungarian attire. it was so over the top that it worked.

the whole procession was like 5000 times better than any episode of project runway.